Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Spin on an Old Favorite

One of my favorite cookies to make is a raspberry tea cookie. I have tried to vary them before. I have substituted raspberry preserves for blueberry, strawberry, and blackberry. Raspberry has by far remained my favorite. After those trials I did not learn my lesson. I decided one more try with a new twist for this cookie. I have had a jar of guava jam in my cabinet for a while. I decided that it has been neglected long enough, I don't have a toaster, what can I do with it? Guava and cheese cookies! I made them in honor of the Cuban guava and cheese pastry. The one problem: pastry is lighter. The dense cookie along with the guava and cheese was not my favorite.

Despite this not working out as well as I had hoped, I still highly recommend the original recipe for black raspberry tea cookies.