Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I love her.

One of the GREAT things about the holidays is the cooking specials. For me, the big baking contests on Food Network are one of the most exciting things on the planet! This woman is amazing, Bronwen Weber. She can make anything.

Why do this?

I am furnishing an apartment (not just a room) for the first time and am incredibly excited about it. I have put a lot of time and effort into it. My main goal is for my apartment to look special. I don't want it to look like I walked into Rooms To Go pointed at a "room" and said give me all of that.
I have been addicted to dessert/baking blogs for quite some time now and would love to combine all of my interests to one place!


Welcome to my Hearts and Crafts blog! I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I a computer programmer working in the sports industry. I love cooking, baking, and crafts. I volunteer as much as I can. Martha Stewart is my hero. I like to find inspiration from odd things. I have a lot of ideas and am excited to share them.