Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chocolate coverd strawberries instead of flowers!

I LOVE to make strawberry bouquets for people for special occasions! They are so fun to make (regular chocolate, I have given up on white chocolate) and they are definitely something that will stand out from other gifts! For some I have tried to get creative with decorating the strawberries with sliced almonds or chocolate chips. The only down side if this project/gift is transporting it. I would definitely recommend delivering it with a friend who is willing to drive or hold onto it. If that is not possible, I did take one on a 4.5 hour car ride by tightly securing it in a foam cooler with some strategically placed bamboo skewers!

To make:
Use a double boiler or a bowl (that can handle high temperatures) over a pan of boiling water. Melt the chocolate in the bowl. I would not recommend adding anything to the chocolate that would water it down. Then place a strawberry on a bamboo skewer and dip it in the chocolate. I make sure I have a cup or vase in the freezer waiting, and then I put the chocolate covered strawberry into the freezer. I keep repeating this until the cup or vase I am using is full. I take that one out and put it in the fridge and get a new cup ready. I continue this until I run out of strawberries or chocolate (whichever comes first).
I have made the vase/basket a few ways. For most I have used a basket from the craft store that I filled with floral foam and covered with moss. The last time I decided to make a strawberry bouquet, I used a pitcher and filled it with M&Ms. Both work great!
These are all bouquets that I have made over the years. I wanted to wait to post about them after I have made another, but I decided it would be a great idea to share them now. They would make a great gift idea for Valentines Day, or a fun centerpiece for a V-day party! The next time I do this I will have to take more pictures and post a step-by-step guide. I haven't made another since I became a blogger!


Hellooooo Gorgeous said...

oh this is great!!!! i might have to make a bouquet for my friends b-day!!! thanks for the step by step

bunny said...

This is so clever, adorable, and looks so pretty! I'm sure it tastes delicious also. Fab idea!

Kate said...

Uh oh- you should not have posted this! Those look so good. Now I am going to have to hunt down some chocolate covered strawberries tonight.

Pomegranate said...

What a great idea for a gift! Oh my God my friends and family are going to get sooo sick of me making those! hahaha..

Susan said...

What a great idea! They all look beautiful & delicious.

Anonymous said...

I love your ideas!! You are definitely the next Martha Stewart!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!! <3