Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I couldn't agree more!

I am a big fan of cooking this way: If its healthy, keep it that way. If its not, don't try to change it. I hate when people look at one of my MINI cupcakes and talk about it ruining their diet. No one could have said all of this better than Bronwen Weber:

Recently someone asked us to create a low cal/low fat cupcake. I had to draw the line...... Here is my response.

My cupcakes are healthy. (I can justify anything, just wait) A cupcake (as delectable as our chocolate caramel cashew variety) is healthy….on occasion…on special occasion. I am in the business of special occasions, or rather, making occasions special: so to make a cupcake that is low fat (read yucky) would hurt our business. It would only bring attention to the fat content of real cupcakes. Cupcakes are not breakfast food, nor should they come out for a dinner plate, but they do have their place in our lives. We live for celebrations. We count down the moments to our next one. This is where cupcakes belong. Do not blame the cupcake for being delicious- blame the consumer for being too eager to add the cupcake to our daily menu and remove the celebration and luxuriousness from our frosted little friend.

Perhaps it is an unnecessary rant. But....I sure did feel better afterwards. I almost felt good enough to celebrate....with a delicious cupcake.

Reason #975398437 why she is awesome!


Pomegranate said...

Let us give her a crown and call her Queen!

She is absolutely right! Why should something celebratory be changed into something less?

Everything in moderation, but in my case over indulgence is good sometimes.

Moxie said...

here here! take away cupcakes and I'll take away your arm! makes me think of "French Women Don't Get Fat" and the author's approach to life and eating and celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Totally and completely right. It's the treats (food and otherwise) that make life sweet...

Taking away their special nature would turn it into the mundane and the everyday. Now that would be a shame!

Found you on 20sb by the way